“Addiction” — Ankush Banerjee

A short background to my poem ‘Grandmother Wouldn’t be the Last’, shortlisted for Cha: An Asian Literary Journal s Poetry Contest. Please see. 🙂


We are happy to announce that six poets have been shortlisted forCha‘s “Addiction” Poetry Contest. The results will be announced in Issue 33 of the journal, due out in late September 2016. [See other shortlisted poems.]

Ankush Banerjee’s “Grandmother Wouldn’t Be The Last”



Frankly, ever since I read about Cha‘s ‘Addiction’ contest, I had been working on a poem about an ex-heroin addict I had come across while interning at a de-addiction centre a year back. But somehow I wasn’t getting it right. I wasn’t getting ‘the voice’ right. It seemed contrived and artificial. It seemed like ‘a poem about addiction’, rather than ‘a piece of addiction’ itself.

On the morning of 28th June 2016, my grandmother passed away. I live in a different city, and it takes almost 4 hours by air to reach home. Hence, I didn’t…

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