Introducing The Wagon Magazine with Mr Chintan Prasad

I was privileged and subsequently delighted to attend the launch of the newest, and I suppose, one of the coolest, and most carefully crafted literary magazines on the block on 17 April 16 at Chennai.

This here is my open letter to Mr Chintan Prasad, the founder and editor of The Wagon Magazine.


Release event of the print version of the magazine on 17th April 2016 in the presence of Indra Parthasarathi, S.Vaidheeswaran, D.V.Moorthy, Paravi, Era Murukan and Venu Arvind

Dear Mr Prasad,

Ever since I spoke to you two months back, I had been intrigued to meet you. More so, I was very excited to speak to someone who exuded such passion and energy for poetry and the written word.

My intuitions bore fruit when I saw the online version of the magazine. It had indeed been a daring effort; one that not only provides a potent platform to the practitioners of the written word, but also serves as a nuanced, carefully crafted read for the public.

And hence, I got my tickets booked to attend the launch in Chennai on 17th.

Will you be cross were I to tell you that, judging from your zest and energetic voice over the phone, I was hoping to meet someone younger. But I was all the more delighted to meet someone who not only transcended the limitations of age with his commitment, but also ensured his passion be infectious: spreading, spreading, spreading ever more.

Moreover, I must also thank you for including my humble poetry amidst what seemed like an international star cast. Perhaps, one should also point to the fact and commend the editor, for making an apt, nuanced, balanced selection of works for the first issue. I suppose, the magazine has something to offer for everyone – poetry, fiction, nonfiction and even flash fiction. But such versatility isn’t what makes such versatility special. It is the power of each section to attract a reader who wouldn’t otherwise read such a genre, that serves as the magazine’s unique strength.

I hope The Wagon Magazine grows from strength to strength, fulfilling its objective of serving as a stellar platform for showcasing the vitality, urgency and ultimately beauty of the written word.

All the best. Please know that you have all my support and encouragement, in whatever form necessary towards the advancement of this most beautiful of noblest of endeavours.

All the best.


Ankush Banerjee


Post Script. The online version of the magazine can be found here The Wagon Magazine.




4 responses to “Introducing The Wagon Magazine with Mr Chintan Prasad

  1. Thank you, Ankush. I feel bad that I could not spend more time with you since you were leaving by the noon train to Cochin. Initially I had plans to spend sometime with you and Christy Bharath in the afternoon after seeing of Dr Vyjayanthi who incidentally blogs at . Her flight back to Bangalore was around three p.m. Any way, I will pen you soon. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep going since your the torch bearers after me.

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  2. Thank you Ankush for blogging the magazine on your site. Chithan Prasad has been moving mountains to get this going. He is one of those rare persons who not only recognizes talent , but also showcases it. I wish to know you better through your writings….

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