‘In Search of Lost Art’ – Series Part I: Dhokra

Fascinating how metal molds itself to incorporate art, history and a little bit of us…


The Happy Ghost of a 4500 Year Old Dhokra Artisan

The great thing about history is it can be preserved in various ways.

In our country this amounts to pickles, monuments and various art forms.

That is why a Mohenjodaro craftsman, let us call him Auro, who casted a bronze figurine of a dancing girl (see below. Ain’t she a beauty?) some 4500 years ago would find remnants of his time and feel at home in certain regions of East India, even today.  

Dancing-girl The Dancing Girl: The earliest Bronze statue excavated from  Mohenjo-dar0. Circa 2500 BC

Any guesses for the technique applied to bring the Indus Dancing Girl to life?

What we are talking about here is the Dhokra metal-casting process. Technically known as the Lost Wax Process/ Investment casting or as the French call it, Cire Perdue. This 4500 year old craftsman, never mind his hazy…

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